Staging Photos

November 2, 2009

Between successful subliminal advertisements and unethical photo alteration the middle ground seems to be staging photos. My reserach lead me to this as the ‘softer’ way to trick your viewer, but used commonly to strengthen a photos credibility.The images below all show childrens toys being conveniently placed in debris and rubble to dramatise the scenario.


the photos above are taken from the following link

http://blogs.photopreneur.com/worlds-most-infamous-staged-photos 2/11/09

Similar photo staging took place to show this Georgian man lying next to his parents when he had been moved from his original position away from the curb.

The above image shows a similar scenario of image staging, in which the woman seems to be gripping her nurse when allegedly ‘dead’. Also the man lying face down is in different positions when comparing the photos

Both photos are sourced from: http://oddee.com/item_96803.aspx 2/11/09

Photo staging seems to be a step down from blatantly editing the images to ones advantage and doesn’t seem that bad on the surface. But when it comes down to the heart of the industry, pure and good photo journalism is in its honest pictures, and alterations of any kind should not, and cannot be tolerated. The line between editing, staging and genuine photos will be blurred to an extent where the difference will be uncomparable and  the credibility of the industry lost.

The integrity of photojournalism might be depleting but i ask myself, there must have been a path that lead us to this point. On one hand one can argue that technology has forced itself into the art world, and photography the ‘most honest form of art’ might loose its title. Technology is getting better and better by the day and the use of it in any industry is almost impossible to stop. On the other hand, one can argue that technology hasn’t done anything wrong and that it is simply the lazy,less professional individuals who seem keen on cheating their own system. At the end of the day it is up to the individual what to think and do, however the journey that lead us to this point is worth understanding.


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