Does it work? And How?

November 2, 2009

The public doesn’t know when they are being tricked and so they shouldn’t if the image or message was succesful, however the acts taken after the subliminal messaging will determine if it worked or not, and only after the success can one find out.

Subliminal programs contain positive affirmations  that are designed to help the listener achieve a change in a specific area they have chosen or to achieve a particular goal they have set. The physical brain receives these affirmations at a subconscious level and because there is no interference from the critical conscious mind the subconscious mind, which is where are beliefs and attitudes are stored, immediately begins the work of making the subliminal messages a reality in your life.http://www.buzzle.com/articles/the-subliminal-message-does-it-really-work.html 2/11/09
The idea of having someone else secretly manipulate our thoughts is something very worrying and if you dont know that it happens or can happen to you, you might be more suseptible. This concept yields alot of power and when put in powerful hands, like the Obama/MCain tricks, the concequences can be massive, ie: being fooled into voting for the wrong President. The technology behind this isnt extrordinary, it is simply taking advantage of the very curious human brain. This is done to an extent where the legitimacy of a  ‘real’ or ‘fake’ image doesn’t matter, but simply the effect. This argument stands tall and proud in advertising because the aim is to get the customer/viewer to purchase the product, and the steps getting there have some leway and are less questioned, but when it comes down to photography, the accuracy and journey to that particular photo is incredibly important. The legitimacy is important enough for Brian Walski to loose his job, and to be made an example of in his industry.

The fact that in certain industries where the pictures are the most important aspect to the company, i find it interesting that on one hand manipulation and alteration is rewarded and in the other, can lead to being fired. This makes me wonder where the line can be drawn, and that if the advertising team for a company can trick someone to buy something, but making a soldier look a touch more active on duty can cost you your job, there seems like some sort of injustice.


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