Subliminal Messaging

October 26, 2009

The dishonesty to the reader reminded me of subliminal messaging and to an extent is the same because the person ‘faking’ or doctoring the images is trying to make us think, believe or want something we conventionally shouldn’t otherwise they wouldnt have altered the image. The power behind photographers and their option to decieve makes me wonder if there is an industry behind subliminal photography.

It turns out that ‘subliminal photography’, the deceptive tool to fool the viewer is simply refered to as ADVERTISING and is rewarded instead of penilization. After Googling ‘subliminal photography’, the did you mean was ‘subliminal advertising’ which made it all alot clearer.

The concept of subliminal messaging makes one wonder why is alteration done in the first place? What will it gain, and does it make a difference?

One important and quite controversial use of subliminal messaging, used in a video, not an image took place during the Presidential Elections. The John Mcain campaign altered a video of Barak Obama to spell the words ‘HANG’ directly behind him on a poster.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yhX9OMmrsA&feature=player_embedded 26/10/09

The deception was overlooked as Obamas catch phrase for his campaign was CHANGE, and so blocking out the first and last letter was easy. In a scenario like the Presidential Elections, the aim of tricks like those are to fool the viewers and to implant false thoughts into their heads. But the only real question that seems to need answering is does it ever work?


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