October 22nd 09

October 22, 2009

Iraq Scandal

“On March 30, 2003 Brian Walski took photographs near Basra, Iraq of British soldiers telling Iraqi civilians during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq to take cover. He took a number of pictures and while later viewing them decided to combine a couple of his images to create a superior picture[2]. That day he sent the pictures to LA staff who posted them on the internal photo sharing system for various media outlets owned by the Tribune News Corporation. Media across the country ran the image including Walski’s LA Times and the Tribune Corp owned, Hartford Courant. It was at the Courant that the image was noticed.”


The images used to compose the third are shown below, taken from http://www.junipermedia.net/nucleus/media/1/20070211-walski.jpg     22/10/09

It seems as if Brian Walski, under the ‘pressure’ of his job as a photojournalist decided to create a fake picture using two of his previous shots. The first original shows a soldier looking towards a man holding his child, standing amongst a group of scared Iraqi civilians. The second is the same soldier extending his arm to the man with the child, motioning to ‘get down’ under the fire of enemy bullets. The third picture  composes the solider gesturing to the man, and the man holding his child to the soldier to form an ‘ideal’ image for Walski.

After reading what had happened to Walski the article made me wonder what happened after the discovery?


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